Jota Pardo Wedding Photographer

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Javier Pardo Fotografía, He is known as Jota Pardo Wedding Photographer.

It’s about you

It is MAGICAL how LOVE can be felt through the camera, I believe that marriages are forever (yes im a Romantic guy) i am 3 years happily married with Andri the love of my life.

{ I know i only have a few seconds to CONNECT with you, if so, take your cup of coffee and WELCOME }


Adventist Wedding Photographer

Javier Pardo Fotografía, es conocido como Jota Pardo Wedding Photographer


I cannot promise you perfect or “pretty-looking” pictures of your wedding day, pose is not real, 

But i will put my heart to create a UNIQUE visual LEGACY and capture the REAL YOU and TELLS your own STORY.


Javier Pardo Fotografía (Jota Pardo Wedding Photographer)


» I see your WEDDING like a MOVIE, and i want to tell your story in the most REAL, NATURAL, EMOTIVE and UNIQUE way «

Javier Pardo Fotografía, es conocido como Jota Pardo Wedding Photographer

» If you are looking for something REAL, PERSONAL, NATURAL and full of EMOTIONAL, we have started well.«

Javier Pardo Fotografía
Javier Pardo Fotografía
Instagram Jota Pardo


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