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Hello, I’m Jota. Happily married and I could give you some general information about myself: 33 years old (I have the secret of eternal youth ☺ ) / traveler / lover of music / theater / nature / curious about technology.

I’m based in one of the most beautiful cities called Medellín, in Colombia, 30 minutes by plane to Bogotá capital city.

I love to travel anywhere in the world and get to know new places and countries, cultures and languages. I enjoy the whole story around each wedding, even more so when I can record laughter, tears of happiness and expressions from the depths of my soul in photographs. Because there is love.

AND THAT’S WHY I decided to become a wedding photographer. For love. The ability to participate and be able to document the one thing that connects every human being in the world. Deep down, love is the reason we all keep going.

I would take wedding photos at any time, anywhere. I love living in high mountains, and I love being a wedding photographer.

I am a photographer specialized in Adventist weddings and also in any type of Christian wedding

You may be wondering, “Do you only do Adventist weddings?” or “Do you only do weddings on Sundays?”

Truth be told, I specialize in documenting mostly Adventist weddings, but I do any type of Christian wedding every day except Saturdays. But being more exact, I can be your photographer even on Saturdays if your wedding is at night.

My work is mainly done in Medellin. This business idea was born here. I have had the pleasure of working at many of the wonderful wedding venues we have in the metro area, and have developed great relationships with fellow local photographers and other wedding vendors in the local industry. I am one of the few wedding photographers that specializes in Adventist weddings, but I do all types of Christian weddings. I know the area very well, and if there’s anything you need help with, I’m an open book.

Let’s enjoy your wedding!

Well, I guess ultimately I don’t want to be another fish in the sea. I do not want you to choose me because I am a photographer within your budget. I want you to LOVE my work and to like me as a person. I want to work with people with whom I will be friends.

So let’s be friends 🙂 From here, you can see my blog or read my Frequently Asked Questions.

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